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Roger Ver’s Thoughts on 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

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Roger Ver’s thoughts on the upcoming upgrade to Bitcoin Cash. This is scheduled to happen on November 15th.

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29 thoughts on “Roger Ver’s Thoughts on 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

  1. I can imagine that email having been written by Steve Jobs when being forced out of Apple. Craig may be a flawed guy, but aren't we all? Maybe he is the guy for the job. He has the kind of insane protective passion for bitcoin I would expect from its creator. I hope his vision comes to fruition.

  2. Can you please make a video explaining the technical difference between the ABC protocol and Craig's protocol? I am having trouble finding any information on this.

    I assume you've checked that the email from Craig is real, but it's hard to believe a smart adult could make such a childish bullying rant. None of this makes any sense.

  3. Bcash is dead and its a shame so many people believed this fraud. I cant imagine how many people sold their BTC for BCH who are now going to have nothing. This is what happens when you do not understand Nakamoto Consensus.

  4. You said "the minority" and the minority is definitely ABC and now you, no not in the number of coins but in people. You know when Amaury speaks he is almost quaking in his boots, it's written all over his face and you can hear it in his voice. Peter Rizun stood up to them and he received such a rebuke you could see it so clearly ! I don't know who the F is leaning on you lot but it's pretty frigging obvious. However at the end of the day you still have a choice. F these slime ball low level scumbags and go with SV. Remember it is a Red queen game and not in the sense your probably thinking. Thanks for the heads up, and the advice for not putting in more than you can afford to loose. Nuke it for all I care. If you want to test a theory u take it to the extreme. What is the antithesis of bitcoin ? it's Ripple/ XRP – do you think running into the arms of the old guard is going to work out for them and now you and BCH ? That is subservience to false authority and old authority : )

  5. I agree that Craig is a fraud. But that does not make Roger Ver a great bet 🙂 it is like a great idea to get more attention and feel for Roger Ver – remember all the other videos he made when you decide… 🙂

  6. Bitcoin is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is not and never will be Bitcoin. We have no need for any of your forks. Its useless banter and a waste of time. Good luck with your shitcoin. I like Roger but to say he's lost his way…is an understatement. Craig Wright is insane and to jump on board with a nut like that discredited Roger in this space and likely any other.

  7. hahahahahaha, Craig is a different mind, he's a visionary, a workaholic, and a genius. He works tirelessly, but his visions of the end result are everything to him, he believes, right or wrong, that he's on the right track towards his vision. I believe he's on the right track, first off he seems to be the only one who knows how immense an undertaking world C.A.S.H. is. For example: POS wont stand the test of time. Craig's vision lines up with tested, common sense forces of capitalism, far beyond anyone else in cryptosphere. People like Craig usually display behavior like your email. My guess is Craig regrets his behavior immensely. Craig is Satoshi, for whatever that's worth to anyone, of course no one believes he is. Craig's not the leader of a corporation like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but like both of then especially Steve Jobs, its very hard to work with them. People haven't been informed how hard it was to get along with Gates. Craig is stuck working with pure unadulterated freedom, he has no way of controlling the situation like a state dictator or the head of a corporation. His threats are likely idle frustration. I think Craig may need to start a project from scratch, along side his SV efforts. I think he should call the SV fork N-CASH (new cash). Unlike everyone else, I never noticed Craig talking about something he knows nothing about, or being incorrect about anything I've heard him talking about, quite the contrary. Craig has never tried to minimize bitcoin for easier mining — or possible to mine for that matter. He believes Moore's law and capitalism will make mining happen, but that was the BTC chain's value. BCH is much lower, and now much more value will be lost. I'm a huge believer in Craig, I can't explain that, it's just a reality. I think Craig, by far, makes more sense than anyone else I've ever heard talking about Crypto, many of whom, make no sense. Actually succeeding at world C.A.S.H., with all the powers opposed to such a thing, only Craig even sounds close to understanding those harsh realities. Maybe Satoshi needs to think about going back to the BTC camp and making it work with the vision of ribbon, expanding or contracting perpendicular blocks as demand dictates. But we all need to realize Moore's law needs more time to catch up, and silicon will not cut the mustard. We need hundred gigahertz to terahertz CPU's.

  8. I don't own any BCH but if I was, ABCs scaling solution is better than increasing the block sizes or letting miners decide, how large a block should be. I was watching SV video. They are talking about 12gb block sizes with existing topological transaction order. U wot mate? You can as well let one mining pool mine with majority of hash power. What is the difference between that and visa/mastercard then?

  9. Why is anybody entertaining Craig Wrights claim of being Satoshi? I thought we already did this a few years ago. One is cryptographically proven Satoshi, or one is not Satoshi. There is no middle ground.

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