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The FUTURE Of Litecoin In A Bear Market with Creator Charlie Lee!

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Josh Sigurdson talks briefly with the ultra busy creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee at World Crypto Con about the future of Litecoin.
First, Mr. Lee goes into why he really created Litecoin in the first place. Surprisingly, it was more for fun than anything!
Charlie then goes into what we can learn from the current bear market as countless people look towards making money and speculating instead of concentrating on the true potential of the market itself.
Finally, he talks about the future of…

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  2. wake up people, your the suckers holding nothing, NASA invented bit coin with missing trillions cash out at top, suck up most of hidden laundry money , your all ushering a system that will be on blockchain, gold and oil blockchain but only goes up and down a few cents like fucken dollor does.

  3. Litecoin creator, ha ha.. he changed some of the chainparams and the difficulty algo, but basically just copied Bitcoin; he didn't create much! And now he is for lightening network centralized scaling, I don't put a lot of faith in Charlie Lee.. maybe because he is asian looking people equate that to Satoshi? What if someone copied a popular novel or song and changed a few words.. would you say they are the creator? He did create LTC but it wasn't much he had to do.

  4. For many years a global digital currency has been the dream of the New World Order banker architects. Bitcoin is just that. The bankers planted their idea, they’re letting some nerds develop it for them, then they will take it over.

    They will plug it into the coming 5G “internet of things” as an implantable micro-chip “smart” currency. It will be globally accepted, traceable and easily turned off should its owner decide they’ve had enough of fascism

    Read the article

  5. nasa invented bit coin when they print 10s of trillions to fool the kids that cant spell gold wake up children, its printed feit that they buy other countries with, it went down and they stole your money now you all stuck with useless crytaos, the only cryto worth anything is the petro one back by petro, when it gets back by something it going to be only worty what its back by you fools

  6. stop promoting stupit shit, people need to own gold, you aint doing your show anygood by promotin a ponzi game , you got smart people telling you what gold is why you listen to kids that live with their parnets that got nothing.

  7. Since we don't know exactly who tried to snuff you out. I was concerned that Charlie might go for a neck choke and try to take you out. Since that didn't happen we can ex him off the list…

  8. I love this channel there is so much prudent information here which i think everyone needs to know. this channel has inspired me beyond inspiration so much so i decided to create a youtube channel to help get his type of information out there to people. thank you for all your hard work. much respect

  9. I can see litecoin being worth something someday. Eventually bitcoin will have a lot of traffic, pushing fees up dramatically. That won't effect bitcoin transactions on the liquid or lightning networks but when you want to move from these second layer solutions to the main chain you'll pay a big fee. That should cause some of that traffic to move to litecoin via atomic swaps and then they could use the litecoin main chain for long term storage without depending on 3rd parties. And the increased use will drive the litecoin price up. I don't expect to see that for a few years though. There's a giant tidal wave of wall street money that's about to crash into bitcoin and when that happens it may actually cause money to exit the alts and go to bitcoin to take advantage of the price rise. We may not see an alt coin rally until after bitcoin is past last year's all time high.

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