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The Rise Of XRP Continues! Revelations From Ripple’s Quarterly Report

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11 thoughts on “The Rise Of XRP Continues! Revelations From Ripple’s Quarterly Report

  1. Last year when there was that huge run-up in ETH that was used for creating ICO's. Now we know that I a lot of those ICO's are just scams. Where you give them your ETH in exchange for their tokens. Then they just sell the ETH and abandon the project and the tokens are worthless. Back in 2013-14, there was something similar. There was a lot of alt-coin pre-mining scams. New coins were created with the developers pre-mining 10% or more of the coins before they open up mining to the public and then when people would invest money into the coins the developers would dump their coins and then abandon the project. I think a lot of people who are against XRP feel that this is just a pre-mining scam. Instead of pre-mining they just created 100b coins. I think they think XRP is a banker scam to get people to sell their BTC for XRP and they sell XRP for USD. I don't think so, I am hoping the real scam is to burn the dollar and exchange all of the banks USD for XRP.

  2. Hi, erst mal vielen Dank fรผr die Infos. Ich hรคtte da mal eine Frage an dich. Was hรคltst du von OmiseGo, Cardano und Siacoin? Was sind deine Top Ten Wรคhrungen? GruรŸ, Salem

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