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Visa outbids Mastercard for Earthport, Ripple XRP Timing for Transferwise, BAKKT update

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Bakkt furthers acquisitions, pushes for increased manpower in anticipation of imminent launch

Transferwise CEO Quits!

TransferWise Bids Farewell to Head of Asia-Pacific Expansion, Lukas May

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Earthport Bidding War by Visa and Mastercard

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36 thoughts on “Visa outbids Mastercard for Earthport, Ripple XRP Timing for Transferwise, BAKKT update

  1. How come Bakkt keeps getting their launch date wrong? When Bakkt says they are going to do something and does not do it. The public loses confidence in what they are saying. If they really do not know when they will launch, then they need to quit giving the public dates. It comes across that the leadership does not know what they are doing.

  2. Like Occulus, Earthport has personnel, account (relationship), or tech rail that is going to be valuable in future that these companies for some reason do not have…hmmm.🤔

  3. Coincidence that the Transferwise CEO resigned? Makes you wonder if the board disagreed with his leadership decisions and he was asked to step down.

    The Visa MasterCard tug-of-war tells you how important the buy vs. build argument is with regard to hitting the ground running.

    Credit card companies want in on moving money extremely cheaply cross-border. They will recoup their investment in a very short period. Even $320M is a drop in the bucket for the credit card companies.

    So true Eri. Try everything. That snake soup does look good to me!

    I tried Haggis while visiting Scotland and it was fantastic! My co-travelers were squeamish and they lost out on the experience. I ate Haggis several more times during that trip mostly at breakfast!

  4. That soup sounds really good. Some people just don't like things out of their comfort zone. I was talking to a colleague of mine about Victoria and Albert's (it's a super Gourmet restaurant near Magic Kingdom). I really enjoy when food is thoughtfullly prepared with a variety of flavors and textures. Then she was like "I really just like the buffet restaurant" (which is just loaded with comfort food). You only live once….try something new.

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