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Wall Street Legend Says Bitcoin ETF “VIRTUALLY CERTAIN” – Reality Shares BTC ETF – Ripple SendFriend

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– Bitcoin ETF ‘virtually certain” says finance expert Ric Edelman on CNBC
– A new proposed exchange-traded fund…

25 thoughts on “Wall Street Legend Says Bitcoin ETF “VIRTUALLY CERTAIN” – Reality Shares BTC ETF – Ripple SendFriend

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  2. My fear is that with an ETF the banks will have a tool to suppress the true value of digital assets by over supplying paper BTC much like they short precious metals. Nobody can explain why flooding the market with paper BTC is going to increase the price of crypto. Nothing good I am sure. Gold should be over $5000 and silver $200 with the amount of money they have printed over the last 10 years. As it is the current price of gold and silver barely covers the cost of mining. We don't need an ETF.

  3. Cory Johnson fired, article out about how Ripple has offered millions worth of XRP for new-hire bonuses, Ripple owns majority of XRP. I don't know man, I hold XRP but my opinion on the company and coin has definitely changed recently.

  4. Tony, whatever happened to the default automatic approval of the bitcoin ETF after a certain date passed with no decision from SEC. ? I seem to remember you mentioned this.

  5. As if the SEC does anything, the elites get away with murder while any regular person would immediately be sent to the death chair. Regulation to further make the elites more wealthy… I can't wait…

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