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What Could Coinbase Do For Ripple’s? Price Coinbase Rumors – Price Predictions

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1 thought on “What Could Coinbase Do For Ripple’s? Price Coinbase Rumors – Price Predictions

  1. I hope coinbase adds… I am dealing with the Kimchi Premium. I sold all my Ripple today. 16000 coins in Korea. However, I still believe in the coin. It just sucks that the company and ALL the banking deals are not using the XRP coins. The public and banking coins are different. This is such a discrepancy that Ripple should make the public coin the same as their banking coins. Ripple is partnering with ALL asian banks, Korea, Japan, Singapore….Western UNION…yet still it is a lie. Because those banks are not using the public XRP coin. So any news you hear about XRP is you buying on pure speculation and ponzi level gains. Instead, I have switched from XRP to LRC and ICX…. real solutions to unstable exchanges and crazy arbing potential. ICX is the Korean version of Loop protocol. LRC is the Chinese version, and it is strongly attached to NEO. NEO ($120)will be the currency of 1.3 billion people by 2020…when the citizen score system sets in. LRC is selling at under $2.00.

    Once again….I love Ripple company. However,
    1) XRP the public currency is not the same currency that is traded among the MANY banking partners Ripple have.
    2) XRP the public currency has SO much total supply ….99,993,093,880 XRP…. it will never get above $20
    3) XRP the public currency only has value based on the belief and hype of media bought off by the Ripple company as can be seen from the OBVIOUS shilling of CNBC a few days ago.

    I love Ripple. I hate XRP the public currency. That said I made bundle of it….from 200 won to 3000 won. Now I am out…and in LRC and ICX. I suggest you do the same.

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