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What is The Future Fate of Ethereum?

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What is The Future Fate of Ethereum?

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What is The Future Fate of Ethereum Article


Proof of stake: This protocol will make the…

28 thoughts on “What is The Future Fate of Ethereum?

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  2. Hey mate, great videos.. I have literally just binge watched for the last 2 hours!…..lol I`ve been researching cryptos for the last month or so and your vids are very helpful Thanks mate. Cheers. :-))

  3. is the future of Ethereum decentralise of centralised? after the dao incident and the roll back/fork doesn't that go against the point of it all? I'm still trying to get my mind how all this works.

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    Cryptos are the future, the revolution is happening. I love you all.

  5. What are your thoughts on Vitaliks post about EOS? Don't u think that with this post he showed that Blockchain governance isn't as simple as most of us think ? By the way, the first time I heard about EOS was your channel, thanks for your great job, Ameer!

  6. What is interesting is when will Pos be implemented… In the beginning of the year there was a talk that they would move to pos by September, now it looks like update will be in 2018.

  7. Ethereum is embraced by banks and monopolistic corporate scumbags like google, Amazon JP Morgan and the whole bucket of maggots and filth. Fuck them and fuck Ethereum. Fuck that Dracula looking queer too.

    I can provide the evidence to back up my claim, but the golden rule is, if you can't understand how the
    system works, it's made that way for a reason!!! Use your common sense!!!!

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