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Why I HODL Cardano (ADA)!

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Cardano (ADA) Update!

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15 thoughts on “Why I HODL Cardano (ADA)!

  1. You hold ADA because you don't know how to trade. You are a investor rather a trader. I like ADA but at the moment I only trade it but surely will buy when I will feel right time to invest for long time.

    Sorry, you are biased with opinion. I am following you for quite sometime and I do believe that you are an emotional guy and I feel sorry for you because your emotion may damage your portfolio on ryn run. Good luck mate.

  2. didn't mention cardanos biggest weakness – single point of failure

    cardano is extremely unlikely to survive without charles, what would happen to the projects vision and the major contributors, not to mention their funding

    who knows charles could contract ebola next time he jumps on that plane

  3. Cardano price will drop heavy if POS rewards will be less than 4% – and notice that no one is talking about rewards on staking even Charles Hoskinson never mentioned anything on this – that is most likely because staking will not be very profitable and now those who know it are selling and next huge sell for cardano will come when they will announce POS rewards and to my opinion they will be less than 4% and many more investors will sell as there are many other coin with less total supply and bigger rewards on POS DPOS – and let's admin that 90%+ investors in crypto are here to make money not because of philosofy just being realistic but nice vid man. And not to mention that BTC now will be dropping in price and as you know being in crypto alts fall in price much much faster and get bigger losses. – Just check what is going on on alts – now people are exiting – moving to bitcoin and then they will sell btc which will cause a short term dump – you should know it man from previous dumps that's how they happen and vica versa when alts start pumping btc starts pumping over and over again I have seen this 🙂

  4. Ada Delays..delays..delays..so no excuses. Too much manipulations on Ada. If short term we die, how can we survive the long term?! Don't listen to the HODL people, we should have dumped it at 1900 satoshi, which I did. Now it's at 1360 satoshi. All the whales/institutions pump and dump for profits, and we're told to HODL.

  5. My review of Cardano
    1. Better design, very well built and reviewed.
    2. Constant improvement on existence and a great team with future outlook
    3. Not sure if the partnerships will be there once Cardano goes live
    4. The first trillion dollars crypto sounds good but it's starting to be unlikely

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