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Why You Should Be EXTREMELY Bullish For Crypto Now & Beyond | Bitcoin / Ethereum / More Crypto News!

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23 thoughts on “Why You Should Be EXTREMELY Bullish For Crypto Now & Beyond | Bitcoin / Ethereum / More Crypto News!


    INTRODUCTION (00:15)
    00:48 Market Overview
    01:27 Ethereum Upgrade
    03:23 On the Bear Market
    06:13 On Maximalism

    07:52 Lightning Network Coming to Cash App
    12:41 John Carvallo Wants Smaller Blocks
    15:52 Bitcoin SV's Big Blocks and Pornography
    16:34 Crypto Upstart "Reality Shares" Files Semi-Bitcoin ETF To The SEC
    19:27 SEC Commissioner Offers Hope On Bitcoin ETF Regulation
    22:57 Philippines-Based Banking Giant Launching Two-Way Crypto ATMs
    24:35 IMF Discusses Negative Interest Rates

    29:52 Youtube to NOT Promote Conspiracy Videos Anymore
    30:55 Why You Should Be EXTREMELY Bullish For Crypto Now & Beyond
    34:20 Anarchapulco 2019 Videos Coming Soon…

  2. Dear Omar,

    I enjoy your show very much, but I would advise you to please write a script before hand. In the end you tried to convey some advanced concepts, but they didn't come off very coherently. (What does the listener have to know in order to understand why negative interest rates don't make sense?) Moments like those make me hesitant to share your content, especially with an over 50 audience.


    A Fan

  3. Sending large transactions should remain on the main chain but we shouldn’t make it even more inefficient to do so by decreasing the block size.
    Lighting should be used for just everyday consumer use or small transactions.

  4. Ethereum didn't go up right b4 the hard fork last time. I'm 70 percent in ethereum and 30 percent litecoin . litecoin looks like its blowing most coins away lately. I was mostly in litecoin and switched to ethereum like 6 weeks ago and so far it was a mistake cause I'm bout 50 k down since I switched. I'm only in 5 other altcoins . if we don't hit at least 1,000 ethereum and a 300 buck litecoin this year ima puke cause we already been in a bear market for 14 months and I'm down 85 percent from when I got in.

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