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Will Proof of Stake Lead To MASSIVE Centralization!? Ethereum, Tezos & Cardano

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Proof of stake consensus is getting implemented by major blockchains like Ethereum, Tezos & Cardano. Will this lead to mass centralization among validating nodes? Could centralization get worse than proof of work ASIC mining centralization? Centralized exchanges will be staking proof of stake tokens from user’s deposits, resulting in the exchanges owning a majority of the block producing nodes. What can be done to stop this growth in power by large exchanges? Tune in to find…

29 thoughts on “Will Proof of Stake Lead To MASSIVE Centralization!? Ethereum, Tezos & Cardano

  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction: The Chico Zone & Proof of Stake

    01:12 Ethereum, Tezos & Cardano Are Moving To Proof of Stake & Have Large Market Share

    02:20 Large Exchanges Will Staking User's Deposits Thus Controlling Validator Nodes & Influence Over The Networks

    03:15 There Is Mining Centralization With Proof of Work, But WIll It Be As Bad As Proof of Stake?

    04:04 Exchanges Are Moving On Becoming The Largest Holders of Proof of Stake Coins: Tezos, Ethereum & Stratis

    05:36 Who Can You Blame?

    05:57 What Can Be Done To Stop This? Decentralized Exchanges!

    06:28 Conclusion

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  2. So basically Charles admits that Cardano was an exercise in futility. Centralization seems to be setting the stage for growth but it is an inherent breach in security, thereby reducing the inherent value of the chains:/

  3. Cardano will become anything but centralized. That's one of it's most primary objectives. Let's not jump to conclusions just yet but wait till end of 2019 and see how staking is going then. It's difficult to judge at this time especially with the million things Cardano is doing.

  4. I trust PoW vs PoS far more after NEO…
    ' those that count the votes decide the winners ' – Stalin

    PoS mimics the real world too much idk..voting got the world into a bunch of shit. Governance models for chains shouldn't mimic prior human fuck ups.

  5. Elastos solves a lot of PoW and PoS problems with their AuxPoW/DPoS hybrid consensus. Essentially takes the best from both worlds, and doubles the barrier for an attack. They went live earlier this month, and already have 33% of BTC's hashrate. So you would need to get 51% of that, and then take over a majority of DPoS nodes to do anything malicious.

  6. Something feels very disturbing about POS. It's no different then current central bank practices. I don't like it. It doesn't feel right it feels like it has an evil underbelly

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