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Will Ripple XRP Hit New HIGHS? Is The Crash Over?! XRP Price Analysis + Price Prediction!

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10 thoughts on “Will Ripple XRP Hit New HIGHS? Is The Crash Over?! XRP Price Analysis + Price Prediction!

  1. What up chase I been watching you for a few weeks I see you doing your thang using youtube features to the fullest props to you fam. I got ripple and I just got in around Christmas and made newbee mistakes but I have settled down and ripple is one of my main investments. I ain't gonna lie at 1st people had me shook on ripple but they are getting new partners every day and I got faith but I did see a video the other day and my man was breaking it down and made a good case against ripple. Then I turn around and see the CEO talk about how people aren't using xrp but he made a good point he was like its only a matter of time because they will use the system and see its real and after a while its only natural that they will try to take even more advantage of ripple and eventually get on the crowd train because it will take savings to another level. One thing the dude against ripple said is that dude Jed McCabe are what ever his name is can let 750 million ripple go this year and billions in the years to come its a contract in place when he left the company and that can and will affect the price negatively. So I know you the man look into that and let us know how possible that is.

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