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XRP Fud Out of Control – David Schwartz Interview and the real reason prices are low

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Crypto is manipulated. Ripple is pushing along full steam.

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48 thoughts on “XRP Fud Out of Control – David Schwartz Interview and the real reason prices are low

  1. I’m so happy you rescued the ducks from the storm!! 🌾🌸🦆🦆🌾🌾🌾

    And yes I agree w your interpretation of DS interview….
    Thank You for your time!

  2. David Ickle already said they (The Elite) don´t want anymore rich person coming from places that are not from their heritage. They want us killed. Population reduction. That´s why XRP price is still so small. They will decide when XRP will moon or not. Be aware. The population reduction already started, thanks to The Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, Bushs, Obamas, Clintons, George Soros, The Royal Family etc. Pedophiles, kids, and organs trafficking. We need XRP to moon now or it will be too late.

  3. I think your on the right track. I feel the same. With the constant good news, and news about big players setting up shop… It's hard knowing things are going well and not seeing the results. I try to just not think too much about it. Keep my eyes open and watch the game play out. Keep visualizing what it'll look like in a year or two or three or whatever, and when I look back on now and laugh. Thanks man, I like your tone and the conversational sense of your videos.

  4. Right on broham Oak! What people don’t seem to understand about Ripple mgnt is that any implication that any of them can influence the price of XRP in any way makes it a security. They are walking a fine line and are making sure not to do that, which they are best to do obviously.

    There was another interview in a class setting at same event. KFN has it. It was fascination someone asked him about Xpool and he laughed weirdly and said that was one thing he definitely could not talk about. I’m telling you Xpool is a key to everything they are doing and it pretty much gets not ever spoke about.

    Keep those ducks safe my friend!

  5. Patience is a virtue, Ripple-XRP is laying the foundation or the "highway" for the financial transaction (the email of the world financial transaction)  of the big banks and the world financial the smaller institution and individual transaction, and now, you holders of XRP think of the big picture and stop being simple-minded, XRP right is building a solid base, so when it begins to rise in value it would be massive, and those who are anxious to sell, would be like those dropping out of the express train way before their stop. So go and do your research on the XRP/Ripple potential(Ripple Net, and others)

  6. Read an article on amazon when they came out. Bezos said everything looked good as a company on the inside but looked bad outside (price movement) same thing is happening with ripple everything looks good inside but bad outside (price movement) just have to hold like the people who held amazon for 10+ years.

  7. Saturday morning. BTC and everything else spiked up slightly last night. Looks like we might be warming up to test resistance. I'm ambivalent…the timing is not quite yet right for a break-out imho, but it would be nice. Thanks for your take on David's interview. Since I'm local to Austin I wanted to see him, but those damn SWSX armbands are up to $1350 now….and as it happened, I needed to go to NYC, which is where I'm checking in from. When the volume builds a bit more, the manips will fade and the bull run will commence. We're stuck in a channel, but generally the technicals are looking better, and this won't last too much longer.

  8. if your ducks are afraid give them dr. bach rescue drops of dr. bach (a few) in their water, they calm down; an alternative would be aconitum c1000 (in form of little pearls)

  9. Brother Oak David Schwartz is a Computer Programmer he understands that a computer is a machine that only works once it is programmed by a human being. The Computer will then do as it is so programmed.
    The Price of XRP is produced by a Computer, the computer is programmed by a human being. That is how
    the price of everything is controlled ESPECIALLY XRP. So David Schwartz was not exactly being honest when he
    claimed he did not understand. This is not about WHALES thats bollocks. It is not complicated the game is rigged
    they dont even care that we know. The price is programmed to be exactly what it shows regardless of true market
    condidtions. ITS CALLED COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. Peace and Love Brother Oak My Opinion ONLY

  10. I am not worried either. I understand that you can't demo the sun roof, because of the wind and the hail. Plus I don't want a duck to fly into your car. In regards to XRP I know the price will go up at some point. Ripple the company is doing everything right. It is just a matter of time. I guess I will get the opportunity to accumulate more XRP. This is how I see it!

  11. For Schwartz to try and act like he doesn't know why the price isn't going up is bullshit.

    Ripple doesn't push XRP adoption with payment remittance companies, they push X-current. And any companies that are using XRP for transactions are buying it OTC so it's usage volume is NOT being pushed through the retail ledger.

    "He doesn't know why" – Get the fuck outta here.

    It's quite possible they're waiting for regulatory clarity before they push X-Rapid adoption. And that's perfectly fine and understandable. But to try and act like he has NO idea why the price isn't moving???

    They must think we're REALLY fucking stupid.

  12. To add, David Schwartz HAS TO SAY he doesn't know about any reason the price stays down because he is PROHIBITED to say anything about JEB, and he is of course very tactful. I think JEB received at least 6 Billion XRP as his share of the company. Maybe more, but at some point, that number came out. At sales of 500,000 per day, we are looking at thousands of days of being the sell-side elephant. That will continue until somebody gets through to him, OR… the BUYING demand overwhelms his SELLING plus all other investor selling.

    Mark my words, (as if I'm a somebody,) the day after JEB stops selling, the XRP price will go nuts. The suppression has nothing to do with the (comparatively) very small commissions eked out by the exchanges, and those are not the same people as the big investors and institutions who will make very big money by simply holding. My rich Uncle Jay, whom I occasionally mention, is content with buying constantly, in relatively small amounts. He has been buying for at least the last 12 or 15 months, and he told me he was buying until it got to the U.S.$0.50 level. He also told me that buying at thirty cents is "like buying at a huge discount." He doesn't talk about numbers, but I would not be surprised if he holds several million XRP. Maybe 10's of millions. Somebody like him increased their buying last week and the price jumped. Bam, along came bigger SELLING, to dampen the price. Therefore the buyer was able to get a bigger buy and with no ongoing higher price.

    If more big investors buy the same way, in similar amounts as my rich Uncle Jay does, well, "buying begets buying." EVENTUALLY, WOW !!!

  13. I think David just have to say that he has no idea why price is where it is , instead of beating around the bush . That would be the most honest answer . He should never talk about XRP price again because he or Ripple has no control over it . The truth is most of the XRP fan have no idea about price structure of market action and that is not Ripple's fault . I only want Ripple to tell us what it is doing for XRapid ecosystem and not hype like "taking over SWIFT" or "Going to $10" . The word "Manipulation" is very destructive for traders or investor . This is mostly used by traders/investors to blame for losses so it feels good that they are not responsible for their losses . somehow they always pat themselves when they gain and never credit to manipulation. Once you remove "manipulation" out of your mind , you will reap the benefit . If manipulation exists then it is in both direction then just be aware of it to profit from it. Just remember it is zero sum gain game .

  14. Here's another take on the sleeping price of XRP. Have you thought about manipulation by SELLING a bit more or a bit less out of your HUGE stash? Just sell enough to keep the price at around .30, or at a specific ratio to the price of BTC. The big players you are talking about are the BUYERS whom you say want to keep the price DOWN while they buy more. I think JEB is the elephant in the room. By terms of the lawsuit settlement, JEB can sell every day (if I have it correct) up to .5% as much as the daily transaction volume. Just to throw out a number, he can sell 500,000 XRP every day. Sometimes 750,000 XRP. I think this exercises terrific control. Terrific price dampening. Just my theory, but I think JEB is incredibly wealthy and does not need his daily XRP-sales income to support his XLM needs. He doesn't care about the price he gets. If he cared, he would stop selling for a few days, and the teeter-totter would would act like a swimming pool's diving board. Sproinggggg to $1.00 or more. Perhaps he intentionally keeps a damper on XRP's price OUT OF SPITE in order to discourage participants until he gets XLM further along. The Ripple folks CANNOT mention the JEB situation because of terms of the lawsuit. Check out this idea and the numbers, as they are just estimates and my theories. Let us know. Charley.

  15. David knows, if Ripple performs, the price WILL go along with that. If they "pump" the price, it is not natural and only cost them money which will only profit the possible manipulating players.
    Ripple can only make Ripple work out well, that is what they have in control… not the price today.

  16. Ripple is going over and beyond any other company in crypto. Daily news and developments everyday. Xspring, Ripplenet, XRapid, new exchanges, wallet providers, institutional market makers & liquidity providers, hedge funds, & institutional investors. These are all use cases for XRP that are coming very soon. Ripple is going beyond just that and looking ahead. What more can we ask for?
    Once price goes up FOMO is going to be unreal

  17. you guys are loving on Ripple too much… Ripple doesn't give a two f**king shits about retail investors.. They sold huge supplies of XRP directly to all their partners.. That made them billions of operating capitol….That prevented any buying off the exchanges.. It probably will be months before XRP ever makes any huge moves..

  18. I agree with you. I don’t see why or what people are getting fudded out about. Get over it people. Things are in motion, Ripple is positioning XRP strategically to be used. It’s going to happen, sit back and accumulate while we can.
    US legacy monsters are on brink of going live, BAKKT, ErisX, Fidelity, Bcause, & NASDAQ INDICES. The indices are key for price discovery. Custody solutions are coming online as well.
    I still believe global FX market is the biggest use case. Cross border payments are just the first use case.
    Derivatives and financial products are being built on top of XRP. What more do people want?? I think XRP is progressing along perfectly well with the current developments going on. Institutional Infrastructure is basically already built. No more PoC. We’re getting close

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