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#XRP In Good Hands – The Ultimate Team, Ripple – SBI – R3 Mainstream Media Dying? Good Riddance.

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Today I discuss how XRP now has the ultimate team backing it in Ripple, R3 and SBI. I also discuss how the mainstream media is taking hit after hit and I’m wondering what the effect on FUD will be.

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28 thoughts on “#XRP In Good Hands – The Ultimate Team, Ripple – SBI – R3 Mainstream Media Dying? Good Riddance.

  1. I’m starting to think this market will first die until it gets better. Like totally destroyed on the market and media. Shorted to the ground by professionals using OTC and dumped on exchanges. Still too much hope for a bull run. This could take months to years… the dream of getting another December 2017 is very far away now.

  2. Vice and buzzfeed are racial Marxist propaganda outlets… Look into who owns buzzfeed, NowThis, huffpo, the root etc, you might find some coincidences. The new Bolsheviks have a lot in common with the old Bolsheviks, if you know what I mean.

  3. Solid Oak advice.
    BUT bro Oak we need that darn taxonomy act and SEC approval on
    Xrp not being a security !!!!!
    These two hurdles have to be overcome ASAP for full adoption to take place by central banks & financial regulators/institutions around the world.
    English saying “SEC needs to pull its finger out”!!!!

  4. I feel good about XRP, but the biggest wildcard for me at this point is Bitcoin. I don't hold BTC personally, but the FUD has been incredible and I can't figure out if it's legit or if it's just a long play.

    Is Proof of Work really in jeopardy? Will the BTC mega-whales all lose their investments? Can Bitcoin adapt?

    Regardless, I think BTC will become an altcoin to XRP, but ever since Craig Wright and Roger Ver went at each other's throats late last year, it's been nothing but FUD for Bitcoin. I'm eager to see how that plays out.

  5. There is absolutely no doubt that the media are paid by the powers that be to spread FUD about crypto simply because they don't want you or I to have any, they want to keep us poor and themselves richer, they think that we are all zipped up the back and too dumb to know what is really going on, but remember this if anything (Transfer of wealth) and xrp is the key that fits the lock……………..

  6. Love my XRP , but this is where I believe TRON and ADA will shine. In decentralization of the internet. the YouTubes and Twitters had better stop banning conservative thoughts or they are next. Individuals who provide unbiased news and information will become the trusted sources. Lots of them will come from the XRP community because they got rich enough to do what they were intended to do all along. Spread the good news

  7. I agree with you. I use to watch Bloomberg thinking I would learn something and be ahead of the game before I even got into crypto, I quickly learned that YouTube was where it's at. News outlets are about the advertising$, not their content. Man rising against the bs machine. I think America is headed to a better place. The Gen z won't be watching the cnn news they will find the content that they want, the mass power media is dying. I'm Gen x and I don't even trust their bs anymore.

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