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XRP Makes You Rich: Best Way To Cash Out And Ripple 's Ryan Zagone

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37 thoughts on “XRP Makes You Rich: Best Way To Cash Out And Ripple 's Ryan Zagone

  1. This was an excellent presentation and episode. Your channel has become my favorite crypto channel. You do some of the best research and you've successfully connected the dots between crytpo and the collapse of the petro-dollar. You will be the reason many are going to benefit from the dollar collapse who other wise would not have. Thank you!

  2. Holy Cow Brother did you drink 2 pots of coffee before this video you are all over the place, please take another crack at this one with a little more fluid direction the info would be great

  3. Love your videos and the cinnamon lol keep them coming I hope your right I’ve been in crypto market for few years and been watching your channel from day 1 👍🏼 what platforms are good for an exit plan

  4. The best site to buy XRP for Aussies is https://www.coinjar.com/au/ Have tested it before the bullrun only took 2 weekdays to put 4k xrp into my account + you can turn it into a stable coin before you sell, the stable coin is your currency mine being AUD, gladly I reinvested before this bullrun.

  5. Coinbase is a rip off. The fees are way too high and they hold your deposit for 2+ weeks. If you want an american exchange just use Gemini. Coinbase is overrated.

  6. These delays in my opinion are not just congestion but possibly a custody thing. Do they actually have the funds. They may have to pull amounts out of hot wallets to fill you action or maybe heaven forbid they are taking from 1 transaction to fill another, like a ponzy scheme.

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