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XRP/Ripple: Bitcoin To The Upper Atmosphere, XRP Into Orbit

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I can’t help but be delighted at all the talk of institutional money flooding into bitcoin this fall. It’s going to be the real bankers coin. What it’s also going to do is cause all boats to rise in the alt coin ocean. This is going to help launch XRP into orbit.

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42 thoughts on “XRP/Ripple: Bitcoin To The Upper Atmosphere, XRP Into Orbit

  1. i disagree bitcoin is the best choice for bankers or it will be the main target in the crypto markets ,, lately i started to believe that all markets runs by the same maker especially when the crypto market turn over dropped 1 trillion to 1/4

  2. If XRP becomes the standard you could probably predict price movements… say at christmas time when everyone is buying stuff it'll increase due to extra volume.

    Or when Ripple release that monthly 1 billion it'll go down a little.

    Would be a good idea to get yearly world transactional volume data.

  3. I like the NASA example and its projection for the cryptocurrency space. we tend to forget that a financial crisis similar to the ones of 2008 and 1998 might hit the world this fall. so how do you think it will affect the cryptocurrency market in general and XRP in particular?

  4. The SEC will implement exemptions for cryptocurrencies from the date of issue to protect all of the cryptocurrency companies from prosecution as there is too much money involved. And more money is expected to flow in once the decision is finalised, as long as the governments get there taxes they can and will accommodate the industry.

  5. Sounds like Virgin Galactic , and they accept digital assets. That's exactly their plans hehe. Love it. Major shout out to you and the XRP community in my pre channel launch video on my channel. Hope you can check it out sometime. Always great to watch.

  6. DM logic… I dig you dude !! You seem like a great guy to have a beer with… and I often agree with your comments. But with regards to Ripple, there are 3 huge question marks…. the x-current vs. XRapid debate, the whole securities debate, and the coinbase listing debate. I think a video on those 3 would be great, because to my thinking… they are all the same debate in disguise. Ripple obviously wanted distance from X-rapid and it's own company name, why? Because if the tech was developed with the seed capital from Ripple 'the company' then XRP is gonna be called a security. Please understand that I am not making a value judgement here, because I am a political voluntarist… so I think 'regulation' is nothing more than a fancy word for person C claiming 'violent control of person A & B's peaceful voluntary exchanges. I am NOT in favor of anyone being subjected to that form of false control. However, that is the world that we live in, and Ripple's xRapid situation is dangerous with regards to it's status as a 'security'. That is why xcurrent is the one they are pushing and getting full adoption on right now… because Ripple the company wins even if xRapid does not win. Re-read that until the darkness of that truthful statement sinks in. Coinbase was able to claim that it will list Stellar (a fork of XRP) because stellar is a so-called 'decentralized platform coin; and they are not a prior parent company project like Ripple's tech is. Do you see where I am going with this, and with all 3 of these seemingly different debates? They are not so different… they are interconnected. Lastly… lets assume that Ripple's XRapid IS deemed a 'security'… will that lower it's value? I don't know. It may even raise it or have no effect at all. BUT… if other coins like Cardano and BTC and Ether, etc. get to be labeled as tokens, I have a sneaking suspicion that the "Tax Liabilities" for those of us who stand to "get rich quick" are going to differ greatly between "tokens" and "securities". if anyone out there who is reading this is a tax expert. (and I DO mean 'expert') can you please chime in on that difference? Thank you for listening to my very long post. I hope it stimulated as many thoughts for you as it did for me. My mind has been on these details a LOT lately as I decide where my small investment should be… in a possible 'security' or in a 'token'.

  7. Has anyone noticed the bit of volatility going on today? High of.51 and a low of.47???
    Some decoupling action going on? What do you think DM? That's pretty good considering just for a day.

  8. The most important point is when xrp is going to orbit.. we all are talking about it.. even I post it in my video.. I think in quarter 4 of this year when xrapid will b live it will start moving towards orbit so I will say by December our dream will start becoming reality.. 🤞 what you all 🤔

  9. you are correct. we have been living in an unnatural state for the last year and some change. this is why you see so much turmoil in the world right now (which is magnified and perpetuated further by certain media! that wicked self eating snake.) We are quickly approaching an apex. Hold tight, Pray everyday, and Keep the demons away.

  10. Agreed about Bitcoin is the train engine still and i don't think it will move over soon. We dont here xrp new updates except security or not story. Mastercard Alibaba was Ripple team i thought but they going otherway.

  11. @crypto$teve10
    Spot-on about taking a break, we all should. And the 2 reasons "Why" we'll go into orbit aren't bad either, great job. See ya soon, I look forward to your new YT channel .

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