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Xrp Ripple News: A $10,000 Xrp Why Not:Don’t be afraid to believe it’s possible For You

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28 thoughts on “Xrp Ripple News: A $10,000 Xrp Why Not:Don’t be afraid to believe it’s possible For You

  1. i did find out about XRP august last year. i did look at the thing they want to achieve. With a calculation i did also come up at 10K a XRP. so i am not the only who thinks that.

  2. Its possible because…. it doesnt take 1 trillion dollars to create a market cap of 1 trillion dollars. Example: i buy a few bitcoin, maybe $10k worth and my buy order at that time pushes bitcoin up 1 dollar. 10 thousand wasnt added to the market cap nearly 18 million dollars were. If the numbers were 1 billion pushes the market cap up 10 billion (hypothetical numbers) the price would be 10,000 per xrp with a 1quadrillion market cap if 100 trillion dollars was constantly in it. And there is 200 trillion dollars worth of demand for money out there. and the derivatives market 1.4 quadrillion dollars even though there is maybe 400 trillion dollars in the world. Boom! Oh yeah only 100 billion tokens. Banks will be holding and transacting 98%of them lol 10 billion people on the planet so 10 per person if spread out equally. Imagine paying for cars, houses, car payments, morgage or rent, bills, clothes, food, blah blah blah… 1 xrp will be life changing in a few years!!!! When it takes over all fiat it constantly gains value due to deflation. And no fiat to compare to means dang near priceless!

  3. People get heated because a $10,000 XRP is outlandishly high for a stable coin. Lol. It's videos like this that piss people off. The damn coin can't even hold $0.50, hell $0.40, while others moon past it, let alone $10,000!!!! WTF!?! I don't care if Brad Garlinghouse licks the President's balls and puts Swift out of business, XRP is NOT, and I repeat, is NOT going to $10,000. Amazon can't even get there. STOP SMOKING!!!

  4. Stop driving in the left hand lane, it's for passing man! So annoying, lol. But ya, I can see how people don't believe that it can get that high in price, its life changing if it does and that is not supposed to happen to the regular Joe's. Peace!😁

  5. Why not a $10,000 XRP, you ask? One simple reason….there are 100,000,000,000XRP. Multiply that and you have a number so large, that it is larger than the worlds economy. Somewhere between 50 and 500 would be feasible, and that if adoption is nearing 100%.

  6. Xrp can not even solve it's own liquidity issue . There may be use case but it can not solve XRP to cash liquidity . Lets assume you want to change 1 billion XRP to cash . Is there any one can give you fiat for billion XRP without significant loss . All the assumption are outrageous which can never come true . Assumption have to be realistic to have a chance to be successful . SWIFT is not going anywhere and If R3 partnership with SWIFT works then Ripple might find itself in a losing position . Ripple will do fine on it's own with or without XRP . I am only worried about XRP hype and may be dangerous to the wealth of some gullible people.. Why not go back in past and change 100 billion XRP into 10 million and then we might have a chance to see $10000 XRP .

  7. You are so gullible to fall for this " why not" nonsense . Do you have any idea how much money have to be put in XRP to get $10000 value. That price will give you market cap of 1000 Trillion dollar .Put this number in perspective that is about 3.5 X the total wealth in the world . Total wealth is 280 trillion dollar. This has just as much chance that we all grow wings over night and start flying tomarrow. Why not!

  8. Garbage in garbage out .This kind of evaluation can only come from person who has no idea about how financial works .His assumption is wrong with R3 that 30% of business will go through and Ripple/XRP will be used . First it is R3 that is going to use SWIFT gpi for settlement and not Ripple/XRP . R3 will benefit and Ripple may benefit indirectly but it does not benefit XRP at all . Here is the Quote from R3 CEO "David E. Rutter, CEO of R3 said: “Following the recent launch of our Corda Settler, allowing for the payment of obligations raised on the Corda platform, it was a logical extension to plug into SWIFT gpi.

    “SWIFT gpi has rapidly become the new standard to settle payments right across the world. All the blockchain applications running on Corda will thus benefit from the fast, secure and transparent settlement provided through the SWIFT gpi banks.”. Almost everything you talked about is incorrect . Why not build castle in air ?

  9. So with all the multi-millionaires, XRP has the potential of making I Just don't see it in my Lifetime maybe somewhere down the very long line, moons and years from now. XRP $10,000 Nah . A few hundred or A thousand yes 10,000 no time soon. I hope I"m wrong for my sake.

  10. The thing that people don’t understand is that the higher the price the less these countries, businesses, etc… will have to release from their stash to do transfers amongst each other. The more use cases for XRP the more its value goes up, therefore adding value to their (and your) stash of XRP. Like the evolution of the cellphone there’s no telling where XRP and Crypto’s will go!!! DREAM BIG BECAUSE YOU CAN not because they say you can’t!!!

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