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XRP TRX CZ Binance 2018 bear market 2019 BULL MARKET …HODOR BLOG

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Massive Bitcoin Whale Moves $189 Million in Crypto, Plus Ripple and XRP

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfxInsSaeJY&feature=youtu.be Tron Trx

RON News – TRON (TRX) Gets Officially Promoted at Binance Info Gold Label Project

CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS Justin Sun of TRON and CZ of Binance meet at United Nations for BCF

https://twitter.com/INotoriousxrp Twitter
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7Nrc45lnNs&feature=youtu.be&a= YouTube Notoriousexrp

https://twitter.com/BankXRP …

16 thoughts on “XRP TRX CZ Binance 2018 bear market 2019 BULL MARKET …HODOR BLOG

  1. In theory it $589 could happen. If you think about four factors {1} Ripple has partnered with SWIFT and all (or part thereof) transactions go through, {2} Ripple may decide to put part of the circulating coins back into Escrow which means less coins circulating & the price of XRP will goup due to the coins being more valuable as less are being available on the exchange market to buy, {3} if Ripple has signed up a Bank a week, and, if the likes of Western Union, Visa, Amazon, JPMorgan are using Ripple's XRapid platform – depending on the transaction volume and the burn rate – it can happen & {4} Coinbase could add Ripple and it has been in the pipeline to add it & we are non the wiser. Look at Bitcoin, it Skyrocketed from less than $1 to $20,000 and back down in a short space of time. However Ripples cutting costs on transfer of payments and has a better business model than other companies, anything is possible. May be a dream, maybe a reality – we don't know what has happened behind the scenes nor do we know what Banks/ Partnerships Ripple could have (down to non disclosure agreements {but doesn't mean transactions will not be processed}) or what volume could be transferred. People seem to forget how much Bitcoin went up in a short space of time. Could happen in 24hrs, 48hrs, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year – we do not know. Just saying.

  2. You Tube crpyto commentators are no worse than a traditional financial advisor. How many financial advisors even understand 10% of this technology or it's coming impact on Fintech?

    Financial advisors haven't done very well most of the time. They are just agents of the very flawed fiat system.

  3. dude. be careful what you say coins being delisted doesnt mean they are scams it just means the volume isnt justified to continue trading. And HOT is a 10 year old project with the highest weiss score they have given, rated the same as XRP. So yeah

  4. You have to be crazy to never talk on WaltenChain. 40,000,00 circulating out of 70,000,000 its at 1.12 now. This tech has been covered on many futuristic channels. The automated and robotic and retail world will be taken over by such tech.

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